Things to be notice while purchasing a new phone

  1. Price

The first and foremost things to be know by the buyer in the time of purchasing the smartphones is price. You have to fix your budget for buying the smartphones. if you have high budget then you can choose for flagship device, if you have normal budget like 20,000 Rs. Then you can focus on Budget phone and if you are targeting for basic smartphones then you can choose low-range phones.

  1. Processor

As like price another thing to notice before buying the smartphones is processor. If you are aim is to use your smartphones very smoothly and in a fastest way then you can choose the smartphones having Snapdragon because it is one of the best processors for Android smartphones. You can also choose Flagship Samsung smartphones having Exynos processor.

  1. Brand Value

Another thing to be remember before buying the smartphones is brands. You may have to dropdown your attention in Brands or company’s name also because name is fame. If your favorite brand is Xiaomi then you can prefer Xiaomi smartphones & vice versa.


  1. After Sales Service

The most important things to be consider before purchasing the smartphones is After Sales Service. You must have a proper detail about the terms & conditions of smartphones company. You have to know the warranty period, free repairing & related to fixation of problems during warranty period.

  1. Display

If you want to prefer to use large display smartphones than you have to choose large display smartphones & want medium display then you can choose normal or handy display. As like that, if you want a good screen display then you can choose amelodic display rather than HD Display. RAM used in the device also plays an important role in making the right choice of smartphones.

What is Android One

  1. Camera, Battery & Memory

The main motive to buy smartphones of some people is for camera quality, battery performance and Speed of the device. So, if you are a gamer, video editor, used to click High Quality photos and heavy app user then you can choose smartphones having large battery capacity like 6000mAh, Camera having more MP like 48 MP, RAM having 6GB, 8GB & Storage more than 32GB.

  1. Features

In this time, we want a lot of features in our smartphones but as required to our choice we may not get all features in a single smartphone. So, you have to list out the features what you want in your smartphones and compare all the smartphones features. If you want more customization features in your Android Smartphones then you can choose smartphones having custom ui or custom android like mobiles form Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, Huawei etc.


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